1. The Future is X-Cell

    Buffeted by higher prices and a lack of new buyers, the global smartphone market will contract in 2019. BUT DON’T DESPAIR YET! It’s time to focus more on quality.

    Many factors are contributing to theslowdown,starting with general marketsaturation of mobile computing devices.A slowing global economy, with rising trade tariffsalso hit demand. And a final key factormay be the rising price of phones,like Apple’s $1,000 iPhone XS or $1,500 iPhone XS Max,that are prompting owners to wait longer between upgrades. 

    iPhone X

    Many markets have already hit a saturation point for new smartphone demand and are dependent on replacement demand. Buying a more expensive device results in extending the length of replacemen

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  2. Go Seamless with X-Cell

    Go Seamless with X-Cell


    The touchscreen we all know, love, and cherish is not just a piece of glass protected by a layer of film or a case. No, touch technology, at least one version of it, is the LCD display we’re looking at, and on top of that is the digitizer that’s responding to zoom-ins, zoom-outs, swipes left and right, and taps.


    The problem with this, in the ever-likely event of a drop-and-crack, is two components of the phone have to be repaired. X-Cell aims to fix that and offer kiosk operators something new to their customers.


    So, How Does X-Cell Work?


    X-Cell combines the LCD panel and the digitizer into a single piece. Ordinarily, the two pieces are fused together and connected with a digitizer flex cable. They are NOT OEM

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  3. Google vs. Apple: The Great Smartphone Debate

    Google vs. Apple: The Great Smartphone Debate


    In this world, there are great oppositions: East Coast vs. West Coast. The Giants vs. the Jets. Chocolate vs. Vanilla.


    And now we have Google Pixel vs. Apple iPhone. One comes from the largest, most commonly used search engine on the planet, and the other created the very first smartphone, a device that is used by 2.3 billion people around the globe.


    Let’s examine the competition between the world’s largest technology giants.


    Apple iPhone 7

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  4. iPhone 7 Plus: More RAM than the 7

    Heading into the holiday season, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will most certainly be on most people's wish list. The latest model is doing well in regards to sales and is more popular than most people thought it would be. 


    Though identical to the iPhone 6s in design, its performance has proven to be top notch and has seen much improvement. This is a fast device that can definitely perform and features an improved camera and longer-lasting battery life. At each and every Apple launch they run the gamut of features and benefits for customers. With that said, they iPhone 7 Plus has a little secret under the hood that customers might know about.



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  5. iPhone 8 Leaks: What to Expect

    With the launch of the iPhone 7 in our rearview mirror, the entire industry is looking forward to the next Apple release, the iPhone 8. The internet is flooding with rumors and everywhere we turn a new one is popping up. Is it way too soon to tell what the smartphone will feature? Probably, but it's fun to speculate. 

    iPhone 8

    Forget Aluminum and Glass, What About Ceramic?

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