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    1. What we know about iPhone 12

      It’s official- Apple is hosting their next big announcement on September 15th, and we’re eagerly awaiting the likely reveal of the next iPhone (possibly titled the iPhone 12?). But honestly, we may not be in for much of a surprise. The iPhone 12 has been one of the most anticipated iPhones in a long time and has had many, many leaks (some dating back to the launch of the iPhone 11). So while we’ll probably have all the answers we want in a week’s time, let’s go over what we can expect to see and how it could affect our industry.


      Physical Features

      Four Models, Three Sizes

      The past two generations have seen three iPhone models, but this year that goes up to four. Two base models (one with a 5.4” screen and another with a 6.1” screen) will feature dual-cameras, while the higher “pro” models (with

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    2. Regarding Unverified Displays on iPhone 11

      As iPhone 11 repairs become more common, repair technicians are starting to notice the dreaded “Unverified Display” Notification. Discovered around this time last year, the notification appears specifically on iPhone 11 series phones following a screen repair. And while it’s been known for a year now, the fact that it only affects 11 series phones and later means that most technicians are only starting to come across the issue now. So what is this exactly, and what can be done about it?

      What is it?

      As mentioned before, this is a notification that pops up following a screen repair on 11 series devices (and newer) running iOS 13.1 (or higher). Once the device is booted with a new screen, the user is greeted with a pop-up notification that reads “Important Display Message: Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine display.” The notification will also be present on the lock screen for 4 days, and highlighted in the Settings app for 15 days, after which it is permanent

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    3. How to Safely Store Your Batteries

      It’s been unusually hot lately, even for summer. From record-breaking temperatures in the west, to the gigantic heat dome that hit the southern and eastern states, the summer conditions have been a bit brutal to say the least. It’s because of these rising temperatures that our minds have turned towards batteries, and how to store them safety in this summer heat.

      Those of you who remember the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, know that Lithium Ion batteries have the potential to catch fire or even explode, given the right conditions. This process is known as Thermal Runaway, and it basically boils down to a battery generating more heat than it is able to normally dissipate. This leads to further reactions that cause even more heat, and the failure grows exponentially- hence the term “runaway.” In most cases, this is the result of a manufacturer defect or physical damage that has impacted the battery. But sometimes, external factors (such as excess heat in the surrounding environment) can

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    4. How our iPhone 11 Series Back Housings can Help with Charge Port Repair

      The 11 series charge port is one of the trickier things to repair. Like with previous models, the component’s flex is adhered to the back housing, behind many of the small parts. To replace this part, you may need to remove the display, antenna, loudspeaker, vibration motor and sim tray, as well as several shields and brackets. Needless to say, it’s a bit more complicated than replacing a broken screen. Unfortunately however, it gets worse if you’re working on an 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

      This is because their charge port flexes are soldered to a daughterboard that is used to connect the vibration motor, loudspeaker, battery, and volume buttons. Most after-market charge ports do not include this daughterboard (which means you will need to separate it and solder it to the replacement charge port flex) and those that do are much more expensive.

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    5. Why the New iPhone SE is Good for Repair

      iPhone SE Closeup

      One of the bigger challenges with our industry is the never-ending struggle to produce stable aftermarket parts that are compatible with the latest and greatest devices. And while manufacturers do an amazing job at meeting demand, it requires a daunting amount of technical aptitude and experience to reverse engineer these products and produce working alternatives. For parts meant for the latest new phone, this typically means high prices and lower yields. Every now and then, however, a phone comes along that makes things easy for us, and sometimes, is even good for our industry. This year, that phone is the second-generation iPhone SE.

      Familiar, Pre-Existing Parts

      For those of you who are scratching your head, consider the following. Most of the components in the iPhone SE are s

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    6. Update on the COVID-19 Impact on our Industry

      Shenzhen COVID-19 Update

      While the Coronavirus situation continues to deepen worldwide, its effects on the smartphone repair industry are starting to fade. The factories in China are gradually working their way back up to normal operation and we have been able to maintain a steady inventory of products. That being said, each supplier’s situation is different, so there will be some parts that are less available than others- particularly high-demand or difficult-to-source replacement screens. We are working closely with each of our suppliers to make sure we get new parts as fast as they can produce them. 

      Shenzhen after Coronavirus &n

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    7. How the Coronavirus is Impacting our Business

      Many of you have asked about the Coronavirus, how it is affecting us, and what it means for your business. It’s understandably a scary situation, but we are staying pragmatic in our approach to the issue. There are several factors at work and the information is constantly changing, so we are doing our best to make sure this impacts our customers as little as possible. That being said, we are expecting an impact in terms of delays and parts availability. 

      The situation right now

      The outbreak came just as China was preparing for its annual Lunar New Year celebration, which typically results in businesses closing for the holiday. During this time, workers typically return home, and exports cease for a period of about 2 weeks. Because of the outbreak however, China has h

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    8. Stock Up for Lunar New Year with Behalf

      Lunar New Year Header

      Stock Up for the Lunar New Year with Behalf!

      Happy New Year! ...or is it? While most of us are cruising into 2020, eagerly looking forward to the months ahead, there is another New Year celebration that has yet to happen- The Lunar New Year! If you are unfamiliar, Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the biggest holiday in Chinese culture. It’s such a big deal, that many businesses shut down for the duration of the holiday, which will be happening this year from January 25 to February 4.

      Shenzhen During

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    9. Holiday Shipping Delays

      Shipping Delays Banner

      UPDATE: UPS will NOT be servicing Ground shipments until January 2, 2020. If you need your packages immediately, please select an Air shipping option. Alternatively, you can select FedEx or USPS by indicating so in the comment field before checkout (additional charges may apply). For questions or concerns, please contact us at (424) 248-3896.

      The holiday season is here! And while this is mostly a cheerful time of year, it’s also a BUSY time of year. This is especially true for our shipping carriers like UPS, Fedex and others. 

      Please be aware that all of our carriers may experience shipping delays during the months of November and December, and ground shipping

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    10. Our Premium Batteries Now Have Higher Capacities

      Maya Parts has just upgraded some of their Premium iPhone Battery Replacements to new high-capacity variants. These new high-capacity batteries are available for iPhone 6 through iPhone 8 Plus. Best of all, we are selling these new products at the same price as our previous, non-high-capacity premium batteries. 

      Here are the new capacities, per model.

      Model Standard Capacity Extended Capacity
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