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We buy back and recycle original screens from iPhones, iPads, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note devices in Grade A and Grade B condition! To add this option to your account, contact your account manager or call us at (424) 248-3896.


Recycling Prices

iPhone Buyback Price
ModelAB GradeC Grade
iPhone 6$1.00$1.00
iPhone 6 Plus$1.00$1.00
iPhone 6S$1.00$1.00
iPhone 6S Plus$2.00$2.00
iPhone 7$1.00$1.00
iPhone 7 Plus$2.00$2.00
iPhone 8$2.00$2.00
iPhone 8 Plus$3.00$3.00
iPhone X$16.00$4.00
iPhone XR$4.00$2.00
iPhone XS$13.00$3.00
iPhone XS Max$23.00$6.00
iPhone 11$5.00$2.00
iPhone 11 Pro$18.00$5.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max$23.00$8.00
iPhone 12 Mini$30.00$11.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max$40.00$15.00
iPhone 12/12 Pro$23.00$8.00
iPhone 13$32.00$12.00
iPhone 13 Mini$37.00$12.00
iPhone 13 Pro$110.00$50.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max$125.00$55.00
iPhone 14$40.00$15.00
iPhone 14 Plus$45.00$18.00
iPhone 14 Pro$125.00$50.00
iPhone 14 Pro Max$145.00$55.00
iPhone 15$50.00$35.00
iPhone 15 Plus$75.00$40.00
iPhone 15 Pro$125.00$70.00
iPhone 15 Pro Max$135.00$80.00

Apple Watch Buyback Prices
ModelGrade AGrade B
Series 2 38mm/42mm$2.00$1.00
Series 3 38mm/42mm$2.00$1.00
Series 4 40mm/44mm$15.00$8.00
Series 5 40mm/44mm$8.00$3.00
Series 6 40mm/44mm$8.00$3.00
Series 7 41mm/45mm$15.00$8.00
Series 8 41mm/45mm$25.00$15.00
Samsung Buyback Prices
ModelAB GradeC Grade
Samsung Note 10$50.00$15.00
Samsung Note 10 Plus$65.00$20.00
Samsung Note 20$35.00$10.00
Samsung Note 20 Ultra$110.00$30.00
Samsung Note 5$10.00$3.00
Samsung Note 8$25.00$10.00
Samsung Note 9$30.00$14.00
Samsung S10$30.00$10.00
Samsung S10+$40.00$14.00
Samsung S10E$20.00$7.00
Samsung S20$35.00$15.00
Samsung S20 FE$15.00$5.00
Samsung S20 Plus$35.00$15.00
Samsung S20 Ultra$50.00$15.00
Samsung S21$35.00$10.00
Samsung S21 FE$25.00$10.00
Samsung S21 Plus$35.00$10.00
Samsung S21 Ultra$75.00$20.00
Samsung S22$35.00$10.00
Samsung S22 Plus$35.00$10.00
Samsung S22 Ultra$80.00$25.00
Samsung S23$45.00$14.00
Samsung S23 Plus$45.00$14.00
Samsung S23 Ultra$110.00$30.00
Samsung S7$10.00$5.00
Samsung S7 Edge$18.00$9.00
Samsung S8$20.00$8.00
Samsung S8+$30.00$10.00
Samsung S9$20.00$8.00
Samsung S9+$30.00$10.00
Samsung Z Flip 3$90.00$45.00
Samsung Z Flip 4$105.00$52.50
Samsung Z Fold 2$135.00$67.50
Samsung Z Fold 3$148.00$74.00
Samsung Z Fold 4$140.00$70.00
iPad Buyback Prices
ModelGrade AGrade B
iPad Air 2$10.00$5.00
iPad Air 3$10.00$5.00
iPad Air 4$10.00$5.00
iPad Air 5$10.00$5.00
iPad Mini 4$3.00$1.00
iPad Mini 5$3.00$1.00
iPad Mini 6$80.00$40.00
iPad Pro 10.5$10.00$5.00
iPad Pro 11$10.00$5.00
iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen$10.00$5.00
iPad Pro 12.9$15.00$5.00
iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen$100.00$50.00
iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen$10.00$5.00
iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen$20.00$10.00
iPad Pro 9.7$15.00$5.00

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