• Don’t throw away your customer's old, broken screen- Sell it to us!

    We buy back and recycle original screens from iPhones, iPads, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note devices in Grade A and Grade B condition! To add this option to your account, contact your account manager or call us at (424) 248-3896.

    Feature Update: All submissions for RMA and Recycling now include a video recording of the testing process! This way you can review each of your screen submissions and be confident that you're getting the maximum value for your screens! Check out the video below for details!



    Recycling Prices

    iPhone Buyback Price
    ModelAB GradeC Grade
    iPhone 6$1.00$1.00
    iPhone 6 Plus$1.00$1.00
    iPhone 6S$1.00$1.00
    iPhone 6S Plus$3.00$3.00
    iPhone 7$1.00$1.00
    iPhone 7 Plus$3.00$3.00
    iPhone 8$2.00$2.00
    iPhone 8 Plus$4.00$4.00
    iPhone X$16.00$4.00
    iPhone XR$5.00$2.00
    iPhone XS$13.00$3.00
    iPhone XS Max$23.00$6.00
    iPhone 11$7.00$3.00
    iPhone 11 Pro$18.00$5.00
    iPhone 11 Pro Max$26.00$8.00
    iPhone 12 Mini$32.00$11.00
    iPhone 12 Pro Max$68.00$16.00
    iPhone 12/12 Pro$28.00$8.00
    iPhone 13$34.00$12.00
    iPhone 13 Mini$35.00$12.00
    iPhone 13 Pro$130.00$65.00
    iPhone 13 Pro Max$140.00$68.00

    Apple Watch Buyback Prices
    ModelGrade AGrade B
    Series 1 38mm/42mm$5.00$2.00
    Series 2 38mm/42mm$8.00$4.00
    Series 3 38mm/42mm$15.00$8.00
    Series 4 40mm/44mm$40.00$20.00
    Series 5 40mm/44mm$40.00$20.00
    Series 6 40mm/44mm$40.00$20.00
    Series 7 41mm/45mm$30.00$10.00
    Samsung Buyback Prices
    ModelAB GradeC Grade
    Samsung Note 10$55.00$18.00
    Samsung Note 10 Plus$80.00$23.00
    Samsung Note 20$35.00$12.00
    Samsung Note 20 Ultra$90.00$30.00
    Samsung Note 5$10.00$3.00
    Samsung Note 8$30.00$10.00
    Samsung Note 9$40.00$14.00
    Samsung S10$50.00$15.00
    Samsung S10+$70.00$20.00
    Samsung S10E$20.00$7.00
    Samsung S20$50.00$15.00
    Samsung S20 FE$18.00$8.00
    Samsung S20 Plus$55.00$18.00
    Samsung S20 Ultra$60.00$18.00
    Samsung S21$50.00$15.00
    Samsung S21 Plus$45.00$15.00
    Samsung S21 Ultra$90.00$30.00
    Samsung S22$65.00$31.00
    Samsung S22 Plus$65.00$31.00
    Samsung S22 Ultra$135.00$60.00
    Samsung S7$10.00$5.00
    Samsung S7 Edge$18.00$9.00
    Samsung S8$20.00$8.00
    Samsung S8+$30.00$10.00
    Samsung S9$20.00$8.00
    Samsung S9+$30.00$10.00
    iPad Buyback Prices
    ModelGrade AGrade B
    iPad Air 2$15.00$5.00
    iPad Air 3$18.00$8.00
    iPad Air 4$15.00$5.00
    iPad Air 5$15.00$5.00
    iPad Mini 4$15.00$5.00
    iPad Mini 5$15.00$5.00
    iPad Mini 6$60.00$20.00
    iPad Pro 10.5$25.00$5.00
    iPad Pro 11$15.00$5.00
    iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen$40.00$10.00
    iPad Pro 12.9$18.00$8.00
    iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen$100.00$50.00
    iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen$10.00$5.00
    iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen$30.00$15.00
    iPad Pro 9.7$25.00$5.00

    Shipping Label Generator

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    Note: Shipping label function must be activated on your account prior to use. Please contact your account manager or contact us at (424) 248-3896 or sales@mayacellularparts.com.
    Shipping labels for recycling and RMA requires a 10-item minimum. Thank you.