Google vs. Apple: The Great Smartphone Debate


In this world, there are great oppositions: East Coast vs. West Coast. The Giants vs. the Jets. Chocolate vs. Vanilla.


And now we have Google Pixel vs. Apple iPhone. One comes from the largest, most commonly used search engine on the planet, and the other created the very first smartphone, a device that is used by 2.3 billion people around the globe.


Let’s examine the competition between the world’s largest technology giants.


Apple iPhone 7


The iPhone has been gracing this planet with its presence for almost a full decade, owning the smartphone world with over 1 billion sold throughout the entire globe. Apple recently released the iPhone 7, the latest and greatest of the series, with updated features like water resistance, headphone buds that no longer require an input jack, new color finishes, and an advanced home button that is more durable, responsive and pressure sensitive.



Google Pixel


The Pixel is Google’s first phone, with features similar to the iPhone, although it has no physical buttons on the front face of the device. It’s an ultra-fast smartphone that uses Android’s most updated operating system, Nougat. The display is much crisper than the iPhone with a 1440p resolution, allows for unlimited storage, and has a battery that lasts all day.




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