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    1. How Durable is the iPhone 12?

      How Durable is iPhone 12?

      If you’ve been following the annual release of new iPhones, then you are surely used to hearing claims like “strongest glass ever in an iPhone.” Well this year, it’s not just marketing speak. As we mentioned in our last post, Apple has incorporated Corning’s new “Ceramic Shield” onto the front of the iPhone 12 series, allegedly making it’s screen glass 4x more resistant to damage. Furthermore, they claim their new angular design brings added strength to the device. But how do these phones actually perform in practice? We’ve turned to YouTube for the answer to this question, and rounded up the results from several channels to get a better understanding of what the phone can take.

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    2. Which Screen Quality is Right for You?

      Which Screen Quality is Right For You?

      When it comes to aftermarket screens, there is a lot of variety. There are different manufacturers, manufacturing processes, display types, assembly techniques, and extra options and features. It can get a bit overwhelming when browsing the large part catalogs of vendors like ourselves. Additionally, the hardware landscape continually changes and evolves over time, which only adds to the confusion.

      For this reason, Maya Parts categorizes its screens into several “Qualities,” each sharing a common set of features and traits. The charts below list out those features under the appropriate quality:


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    3. Apple to Make Parts Available for Repair Shops

      Image via Apple

      Apple announced today that it will be launching an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) Program in order to offer customers “additional options for the most common out-of-warranty iPhone repairs.” Essentially, this will make genuine Apple parts, tools and resources available for purchase by qualified independent repair shops (following successful application to their free program). The only listed requirements are that the shop be a legitimate repair business in a commercially-zoned area, and that technicians be Apple-certified (certifications are off

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    4. Apple Begins Targeting Unauthorized Replacement Batteries

      As most of you are aware, Apple does not look kindly on the independent repair industry. It has a fairly long history of being unfriendly to unauthorized repair- from the notorious Error 53, to the throttling issues on iPhone 6, all the way back to the very first iPhone with its choice of using a non-replaceable battery (a somewhat unusual feature for that time). Well, it looks like Apple is at it again. This time with an iOS 12 feature that disables XS, XR, and XS Max battery health data for any batteries that were not installed by Apple, or an Apple-authorized service provider.

      So what does this mean for repairs?

      As iFixit reports, this affects both original and aftermarket batteries, and Justin, from The Art of Repair YouTube channel, claims that this is due to a microcontroller on the battery, which allows it to be paired with the phone during installation. Once a non-matching battery is installed, the phone flags it, and the “Service” message is displayed.

      The good news is that these batteries still work for the time being. Sure, the phone lacks any sort of health or diagnostic data, but it still powers on and functions. Also, we were able to confirm that usage data still works, as our XS Max test unit has had one of our batteries installed for a while now.

      An image of our XS Max test unit, showing existing usage data for a locked-out battery.

      Moving Forward

      Currently, there aren’t any practical solutions to this issue. iFixit claims that battery health data can still be accessed by connecting the device to a Mac and using a third-party app like coconutBattery. The only true fix (other than taking it to Apple) is to remove the cell from the device’s original battery, and soldering in a new one. According to Justin, this is a prohibitively complicated (and risky) procedure that can result in a battery fire if done improperly. Most technicians will probably want to avoid that route.

      We will continue to watch this situation as it unfolds, and hopefully the aftermarket community will develop a solution soon. In the meantime, it seems that repair shops can continue to perform battery replacements. As alluded to earlier, we have tested our batteries with our own XS Max and XR, and while the battery health is blocked, the batteries do still function appropriately. But we want to make sure our customers are aware of this issue so that they can notify their clients and address any questions or concerns.

      And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at sales@mayacellularparts.com.

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    5. iPhone 8 Leaks: What to Expect

      With the launch of the iPhone 7 in our rearview mirror, the entire industry is looking forward to the next Apple release, the iPhone 8. The internet is flooding with rumors and everywhere we turn a new one is popping up. Is it way too soon to tell what the smartphone will feature? Probably, but it's fun to speculate. 

      iPhone 8

      Forget Aluminum and Glass, What About Ceramic?

      The possibility of this happening, despite the rumors, is really slim. Based on patents obtained by Apple this is one of the more "out-of-the-box" rumors, but to actually do this is really complicated. 

      The real challenge here is it requires a kiln. Yes, an actual kiln. In order to mass-produce iPhones in the production capacity Apple does you would need a kiln the size of two football field. Additionally, it would require Apple to significantly increase the amount of CNC machines they use. So yeah...this is really far-fetched. 

      Under the Hood

      This is a given. Apple will have to truly step it up with the next launch in regards to the technology and processsing. Let's just hope the phones don't become notorious for catching fire as a result. 

      Speed is king and we are expecting a much faster phone capable of handling advanced processing. It is also rumored that Apple is going to roll-out the long talked about OLED, which will make for a crisper display. 

      AI Upgrade

      Apple is most certainly not leading the race for top AI assitant. With Google and Amazon both habitiating this space,  Apple needs to step it up and it is rumored that they may be renovating our pal SIRI. Will Apple be able to come from behind and achieve victory from the clutches of defeat? We certainly hope so. 



      We Still Believe

      Apple was founded on hard work and innovation and even though nothing groundbreaking has been released with the iPhone 7, we believe the iPhone 8 will be a very special release and bring about a new direction for the company. Now we wait. 

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