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    1. How to Safely Store Your Batteries

      It’s been unusually hot lately, even for summer. From record-breaking temperatures in the west, to the gigantic heat dome that hit the southern and eastern states, the summer conditions have been a bit brutal to say the least. It’s because of these rising temperatures that our minds have turned towards batteries, and how to store them safety in this summer heat.

      Those of you who remember the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, know that Lithium Ion batteries have the potential to catch fire or even explode, given the right conditions. This process is known as Thermal Runaway, and it basically boils down to a battery generating more heat than it is able to normally dissipate. This leads to further reactions that cause even more heat, and the failure grows exponentially- hence the term “runaway.” In most cases, this is the result of a manufacturer defect or physical damage that has impacted the battery. But sometimes, external factors (such as excess heat in the surrounding environment) can tri

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    2. How our iPhone 11 Series Back Housings can Help with Charge Port Repair

      The 11 series charge port is one of the trickier things to repair. Like with previous models, the component’s flex is adhered to the back housing, behind many of the small parts. To replace this part, you may need to remove the display, antenna, loudspeaker, vibration motor and sim tray, as well as several shields and brackets. Needless to say, it’s a bit more complicated than replacing a broken screen. Unfortunately however, it gets worse if you’re working on an 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

      This is because their charge port flexes are soldered to a daughterboard that is used to connect the vibration motor, loudspeaker, battery, and volume buttons. Most after-market charge ports do not include this daughterboard (which means you will need to separate it and solder it to the replacement charge port flex) and those that do are much more expensive.

      11 Pro Charge Port Aftermarket vs OEM

      The part on the right features the soldered daughterboard, which is usually not found on aftermarket parts.


      However, it’s not all bad news. If your customer also needs a housing or back glass replacement, then we have a bit of a workaround for you! Our new 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Back Housings include the charge port with the daughterboard pre-soldered. They also include the connected small parts (vibration motor, loudspeaker, buttons, and wireless charge/NFC chip) pre-installed and ready to go!

      Of course, replacing the entire housing is clearly overkill for a simple charge port repair. But for the right customers, it can be an excellent and time-saving solution so make sure to consider it! After all, we’ve seen some of the extreme cases that have come into your shops and there have certainly been a few that these housings would be perfect for!

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