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    1. JK's New In-cell Display Makes 12-Series Repairs More Accessible!

      JK's New In-cell Display Makes 12-Series Repairs More Accessible!

      The iPhone 12 series of devices have turned out to be incredibly popular. In a little more than half a year, Apple has sold more than 100 million 12-series devices- something it has not done since the iPhone 6. Because of that, the number of customers needing 12 series repairs will likely be higher than with previous iPhone models (when those were new). But as price-conscious customers will be surprised to learn, replacement displays for current-model phones can be prohibitively expensive. So how can repair shops cater to those who can’t afford a new screen for their iPhone 12? Now, JK, one of the industry’s most well-known brands for its consistent and great quality, has an answer!

      JK has just released a version of their popular In-cell LCD display for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro! This is the most economical iPhone 12 screen on the market and now it’s available here at Maya Parts! Best of all, this screen has the same great technology found in JK’s other Version 3 in-cell screens, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality. It features a clear and bright screen (rated at 600 nits), wide color gamut, excellent touch response, and Corning nano-coated oleophobic glass. Plus the in-cell LCD is especially thin, resulting in a fit installation that’s very close to the original!

      To pick up one of these displays, head over to our iPhone 12 / 12 Pro product page. Or check out JK's official promotional material below for more information!


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    2. iPhone 12 Disassembly: What's Different?

      iPhone 12 Disassembly: What’s Different?

      As noted in our last post, the iPhone 12 is impressively durable. That being said, people are people- and people break things. So it’s probably a good idea to get familiar with the new repair changes in the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

      Now while there are many subtle differences between these models and their predecessors, there are only a few areas that we feel are important to focus on.

      Opening Procedure

      The process for opening up the phone is mostly the same as previous iPhone versions, save for some small details surrounding the installation layout, frame adhesive, and flex cabling.

      Stronger Screen Glue

      First, you will likely need to apply heat longer than with previous versions of the iPhone. The 12 series devices have stronger frame adhesive (probably the reason for their new 6 meters of water-resistance) and it will require more effort to get the screen to separate. We don’t think it’s imperative in any way, but it may surprise you the first time you try to open one of these phones.


      iPhone 12 Devices being opened

      As you can see, the adhesive is so strong that is can cause bending when trying to separate the display. Image via 艾奥科技 on YouTube.


      Fun-fact: this glue is so strong that Apple themselves have started using dedicated heat machines to help separate iPhone 12 screens.

      Screen Opens to the Left

      Second, the screen now opens to the left of the device (opposite from the iPhone 11 series of phone

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    3. How Durable is the iPhone 12?

      How Durable is iPhone 12?

      If you’ve been following the annual release of new iPhones, then you are surely used to hearing claims like “strongest glass ever in an iPhone.” Well this year, it’s not just marketing speak. As we mentioned in our last post, Apple has incorporated Corning’s new “Ceramic Shield” onto the front of the iPhone 12 series, allegedly making it’s screen glass 4x more resistant to damage. Furthermore, they claim their new angular design brings added strength to the device. But how do these phones actually perform in practice? We’ve turned to YouTube for the answer to this question, and rounded up the results from several channels to get a better understanding of what the phone can take.

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    4. iPhone 12: Three Things You Should Know

      Featured image via Apple

      iPhone 12: Three Things You Should Know

      You’ve probably heard by now, but the iPhone 12 was just announced last week. And as with every new iPhone, there are plenty of new features and improvements that have the potential to affect our industry (depending on what services or products you offer). However, we’ve singled out three things that we feel are particularly relevant to all repair businesses, regardless of size or specialization. Read on to learn more.

      Screen Sizes

      Apple has shaken up their dimensions a little this year. The newest kid on the block is the iPhone 12 Mini, which size-wise, sits right between the ori

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    5. What we know about iPhone 12

      It’s official- Apple is hosting their next big announcement on September 15th, and we’re eagerly awaiting the likely reveal of the next iPhone (possibly titled the iPhone 12?). But honestly, we may not be in for much of a surprise. The iPhone 12 has been one of the most anticipated iPhones in a long time and has had many, many leaks (some dating back to the launch of the iPhone 11). So while we’ll probably have all the answers we want in a week’s time, let’s go over what we can expect to see and how it could affect our industry.


      Physical Features

      Four Models, Three Sizes

      The past two generations have seen three iPhone models, but this year that goes up to four. Two base models (one with a 5.4” screen and another with a 6.1” screen) will feature dual-cameras, while the higher “pro” models (with 6.1”

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