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    1. How to Remove UV Tempered Glass from an Apple Watch

      One of the most asked questions on our YouTube channel is how to remove our Apple Watch UV tempered glass. So we recently put together a quick little video that demonstrates exactly that.

      Many people are understandably hesitant to try and remove this type of screen protector, because of the strength of the bond. But it’s actually pretty straightforward, once you know how to do it. The main thing to remember is that you need to interrupt that bond between the adhesive and the screen glass. Once that is done in one spot, the rest of the adhesive is much easier to remove.

      Take a look at the video below for the demonstration.


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    2. How to Apply our UV Tempered Glass to an Apple Watch

      One of our newer products is the Full Curved Watch Glass for Apple Watch Series 1-4. This tempered glass is superior in many ways to conventional tempered glass products. It uses liquid glue and a UV curing process to bond the glass to the display. What results is a bubble-free, nearly invisible screen protector that closely fits the shape of the display. The trade-off however, is an installation process that is a bit more involved than what most people are used to. So in order to make installation easier, we’ve prepared a short tutorial video to walk you through the application process.

      See our individual product pages for additional information. We carry four sizes:

      38mm for Series 1/2/3

      42mm f

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