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    1. JK's New In-cell Display Makes 12-Series Repairs More Accessible!

      JK's New In-cell Display Makes 12-Series Repairs More Accessible!

      The iPhone 12 series of devices have turned out to be incredibly popular. In a little more than half a year, Apple has sold more than 100 million 12-series devices- something it has not done since the iPhone 6. Because of that, the number of customers needing 12 series repairs will likely be higher than with previous iPhone models (when those were new). But as price-conscious customers will be surprised to learn, replacement displays for current-model phones can be prohibitively expensive. So how can repair shops cater to those who can’t afford a new screen for their iPhone 12? Now, JK, one of the industry’s most well-known brands for its consistent and great quality, has an answer!

      JK has just released a version of their popular In-cell LCD display for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro! This is the most economical iPhone 12 screen on the market and now it’s available here at Maya Parts! Best of all, this screen has the same great technology found in JK’s other Version 3 in-cell screens, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality. It features a clear and bright screen (rated at 600 nits), wide color gamut, excellent touch response, and Corning nano-coated oleophobic glass. Plus the in-cell LCD is especially thin, resulting in a fit installation that’s very close to the original!

      To pick up one of these displays, head over to our iPhone 12 / 12 Pro product page. Or check out JK's official promotional material below for more information!


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    2. Introducing Matrix Incell for iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus

      Matrix Incell Thumbnail Image

      Introducing Matrix Incell Displays for iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus!

      If your shop performs a lot of repairs on older iPhones, then you’ll want to take a look at our newest product- Matrix DTP Incell Displays for iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus! These are aftermarket screens, but they rival original iPhone screens in quality and feature set.

      These Matrix screens score exceptionally well in many areas, including touch response, polarizer viewing ability, fit, and screen coating. The standout feature though, is the incredible display on this product. Matrix has gone out of their way to match these screens as closely as possible to their OEM counterparts. In terms of color accuracy and brightness, the Matrix Incell screens are very close to OEM. Take a look at our highlight video to s

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    3. How to Remove UV Tempered Glass from an Apple Watch

      One of the most asked questions on our YouTube channel is how to remove our Apple Watch UV tempered glass. So we recently put together a quick little video that demonstrates exactly that.

      Many people are understandably hesitant to try and remove this type of screen protector, because of the strength of the bond. But it’s actually pretty straightforward, once you know how to do it. The main thing to remember is that you need to interrupt that bond between the adhesive and the screen glass. Once that is done in one spot, the rest of the adhesive is much easier to remove.

      Take a look at the video below for the demonstration.


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    4. We've added C11 and DTP labels to applicable 7P and 8P screens.

      Blog Post Header Image

      We’ve added C11 and DTP classification to select 7P and 8P screens!

      You may have noticed the new additions to our iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus line-up. These are new AA and incell options labeled DTP (LG) and C11 (Toshiba). If you’re new to the iPhone repair industry, you may not have come across these codes yet. However, since 7 and 8 series repairs are more common than they used to be, it’s important to be aware of these codes in order to get the correct part for your repair.

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    5. Product Unboxing: iCopy Plus 2.1 by QianLi

      Check out our latest YouTube video for a look at this great product!



      Here at Maya Parts, our goal is to best serve our customers in any way that we can, and that often means going beyond just replacement parts. Recently, we started carrying a selection of QianLi Tools- a brand of quality, high-precision tools made just for the phone repair industry! Many of you are probably already familiar with their beautiful line of iThor screwdrivers, but maybe not with their more technical offerings.

      One example is the iCopy Plus 2.1 Logic Programmer. This durable and compact device is a great tool for any iPhone repair technician. The iCopy duplicates and transfers data between original and replacement screens, vibration motors (aka Taptic Engines), and batteries. This allows

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    6. Which Screwdriver Do I Need?

      Screwdriver Post Header

      Since we started selling individual QianLi screwdrivers, a few of you have asked which drivers you need to work on a specific model of iPhone. The easy answer is that you need all four for iPhone 7 and up (consider picking up the iThor or iFlying 5-piece set- both include all four iPhone screwdrivers, plus a torx driver for other electronic devices). But the more precise answer is that it depends on which repairs you need to perform. So here’s a breakdown of each driver and what it’s accompanying screw is used for. We also have a quick chart at the bottom explaining which screwdrivers are needed for screen rep

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    7. How our iPhone 11 Series Back Housings can Help with Charge Port Repair

      The 11 series charge port is one of the trickier things to repair. Like with previous models, the component’s flex is adhered to the back housing, behind many of the small parts. To replace this part, you may need to remove the display, antenna, loudspeaker, vibration motor and sim tray, as well as several shields and brackets. Needless to say, it’s a bit more complicated than replacing a broken screen. Unfortunately however, it gets worse if you’re working on an 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

      This is because their charge port flexes are soldered to a daughterboard that is used to connect the vibration motor, loudspeaker, battery, and volume buttons. Most after-market charge ports do not include this daughterboard (which means you will need to separate it and solder it to the replacement charge port flex) and those that do are much more expensive.

      11 Pro Charge Port Aftermarket vs OEM

      The part on the right features the soldered daughterboard, which is usually not found on aftermarket parts.


      However, it’s not all bad news. If your customer also needs a housing or back glass replacement, then we have a bit of a workaround for you! Our new 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Back Housings include the charge port with the daughterboard pre-soldered. They also include the connected small parts (vibration motor, loudspeaker, buttons, and wireless charge/NFC chip) pre-installed and ready to go!

      Of course, replacing the entire housing is clearly overkill for a simple charge port repair. But for the right customers, it can be an excellent and time-saving solution so make sure to consider it! After all, we’ve seen some of the extreme cases that have come into your shops and there have certainly been a few that these housings would be perfect for!

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    8. Why the New iPhone SE is Good for Repair

      iPhone SE Closeup

      One of the bigger challenges with our industry is the never-ending struggle to produce stable aftermarket parts that are compatible with the latest and greatest devices. And while manufacturers do an amazing job at meeting demand, it requires a daunting amount of technical aptitude and experience to reverse engineer these products and produce working alternatives. For parts meant for the latest new phone, this typically means high prices and lower yields. Every now and then, however, a phone comes along that makes things easy for us, and sometimes, is even good for our industry. This year, that phone is the second-generation iPhone SE.

      Familiar, Pre-Existing Parts

      For those of you who are scratching your head, consider the following. Most of the components in the iPhone SE are swappable

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    9. Our Premium Batteries Now Have Higher Capacities

      Maya Parts has just upgraded some of their Premium iPhone Battery Replacements to new high-capacity variants. These new high-capacity batteries are available for iPhone 6 through iPhone 8 Plus. Best of all, we are selling these new products at the same price as our previous, non-high-capacity premium batteries. 

      Here are the new capacities, per model.

      Model Standard Capacity Extended Capacity
      iPhone 6 1810 mAh 2220 mAh
      iPhone 6 Plus 2915 mAh 3500 mAh
      iPhone 6S 1715 mAh 2220 mAh
      iPhone 6S Plus 2750 mAh 3500 mAh
      iPhone 7 1960 mAh 2230 mAh
      iPhone 7 Plus 2900 mAh 3400 mAh
      iPhone 8 1821 mAh 2220 mAh
      iPhone 8 Plus 2691 mAh 3430 mAh


      Maya Parts is always striving to provide the best products for our customers. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social for the latest product updates!

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    10. Which Screen Quality is Right for You?

      Which Screen Quality is Right For You?

      When it comes to aftermarket screens, there is a lot of variety. There are different manufacturers, manufacturing processes, display types, assembly techniques, and extra options and features. It can get a bit overwhelming when browsing the large part catalogs of vendors like ourselves. Additionally, the hardware landscape continually changes and evolves over time, which only adds to the confusion.

      For this reason, Maya Parts categorizes its screens into several “Qualities,” each sharing a common set of features and traits. The charts below list out those features under the appropriate quality:


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