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Here at Maya Parts, our goal is to best serve our customers in any way that we can, and that often means going beyond just replacement parts. Recently, we started carrying a selection of QianLi Tools- a brand of quality, high-precision tools made just for the phone repair industry! Many of you are probably already familiar with their beautiful line of iThor screwdrivers, but maybe not with their more technical offerings.

One example is the iCopy Plus 2.1 Logic Programmer. This durable and compact device is a great tool for any iPhone repair technician. The iCopy duplicates and transfers data between original and replacement screens, vibration motors (aka Taptic Engines), and batteries. This allows technicians to preserve true-tone and proper vibration function when replacing parts.

The QianLi iCopy Plus 2.1 makes a great addition to any technician’s toolkit. It’s compact, upgradable, and easy-to-use! Purchase one today by heading over to our product page!