With the launch of the iPhone 7 in our rearview mirror, the entire industry is looking forward to the next Apple release, the iPhone 8. The internet is flooding with rumors and everywhere we turn a new one is popping up. Is it way too soon to tell what the smartphone will feature? Probably, but it's fun to speculate. 

iPhone 8

Forget Aluminum and Glass, What About Ceramic?

The possibility of this happening, despite the rumors, is really slim. Based on patents obtained by Apple this is one of the more "out-of-the-box" rumors, but to actually do this is really complicated. 

The real challenge here is it requires a kiln. Yes, an actual kiln. In order to mass-produce iPhones in the production capacity Apple does you would need a kiln the size of two football field. Additionally, it would require Apple to significantly increase the amount of CNC machines they use. So yeah...this is really far-fetched. 

Under the Hood

This is a given. Apple will have to truly step it up with the next launch in regards to the technology and processsing. Let's just hope the phones don't become notorious for catching fire as a result. 

Speed is king and we are expecting a much faster phone capable of handling advanced processing. It is also rumored that Apple is going to roll-out the long talked about OLED, which will make for a crisper display. 

AI Upgrade

Apple is most certainly not leading the race for top AI assitant. With Google and Amazon both habitiating this space,  Apple needs to step it up and it is rumored that they may be renovating our pal SIRI. Will Apple be able to come from behind and achieve victory from the clutches of defeat? We certainly hope so. 



We Still Believe

Apple was founded on hard work and innovation and even though nothing groundbreaking has been released with the iPhone 7, we believe the iPhone 8 will be a very special release and bring about a new direction for the company. Now we wait. 

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