Heading into the holiday season, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will most certainly be on most people's wish list. The latest model is doing well in regards to sales and is more popular than most people thought it would be. 


Though identical to the iPhone 6s in design, its performance has proven to be top notch and has seen much improvement. This is a fast device that can definitely perform and features an improved camera and longer-lasting battery life. At each and every Apple launch they run the gamut of features and benefits for customers. With that said, they iPhone 7 Plus has a little secret under the hood that customers might know about.


 The Secret Is Revealed


So what is this secret? We won't keep you in suspense. The iPhone 7 Plus features 3 GB of RAM. The iPhone 7, 6s, and 6s plus all feature 2 GB. This increase in performance hardware is most likely used to handle the requirements of the new telescoping camera. So does more RAM mean faster performance? Not necessarily.


Side by Side

Here 9-5 Mac does a side by side comparison of the two models to see if the 3GB really adds to speedier performance. 



The Conclusion


Even though the iPhone 7 Plus does feature an extra GB of RAM, the general consensus is that this RAM has been applied strictly to the camera and should not really increase operating performance. With that said, the iPhone 7 Plus may see better results for multitasking while using the camera. 


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