Google vs. Apple: The Great Smartphone Debate


In this world, there are great oppositions: East Coast vs. West Coast. The Giants vs. the Jets. Chocolate vs. Vanilla.


And now we have Google Pixel vs. Apple iPhone. One comes from the largest, most commonly used search engine on the planet, and the other created the very first smartphone, a device that is used by 2.3 billion people around the globe.


Let’s examine the competition between the world’s largest technology giants.


Apple iPhone 7


The iPhone has been gracing this planet with its presence for almost a full decade, owning the smartphone world with over 1 billion sold throughout the entire globe. Apple recently released the iPhone 7, the latest and greatest of the series, with updated features like water resistance, headphone buds that no longer require an input jack, new color finishes, and an advanced home button that is more durable, responsive and pressure sensitive.



Google Pixel


The Pixel is Google’s first phone, with features similar to the iPhone, although it has no physical buttons on the front face of the device. It’s an ultra-fast smartphone that uses Android’s most updated operating system, Nougat. The display is much crisper than the iPhone with a 1440p resolution, allows for unlimited storage, and has a battery that lasts all day.







4.7 inch LCD display with a 1334 x 750 resolution

5-inch display with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution


12-megapixel rear camera with aperture of f/1.8; 7-megapixel front camera with aperture of f/2.2 sensor

12.3-megapixel rear camera with aperture of f/2.0; 8-megapixel front camera with aperture of f/2.4


A10 Fusion chip and embedded M10 motion coprocessor and 3GB of RAM support

Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4GB of RAM support


32GB, 128GB, 256GB

32GB, 128GB


Apple iOS 10 with Siri

Android 7.1 Nougat with Google Assistant


Apple vs. Google


If we’re being honest, the real comparison here isn’t between the phones themselves but rather the manufacturers. We all know that both the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel are outstanding devices that will satisfy all of your smartphone needs.


It’s been said that Apple isn’t as innovative in the technology space as it used to be, while Google continues to inspire. A recent article from CNBC claimed that Apple is only adapting their iPhone model rather than shocking us with any new technology. However, that may stem from the fact that they did create the first revolutionary smartphone. There is also the fact that Apple has a long line of iPad products including the Mini and the Air as well as their world famous Macbooks.


The Pixel is Google’s first foray into physical devices, as they’ve only been responsible for software and internet tech so far. The Android operating system is good but has always come in second to the Apple iOS. However, Google as a search engine far outweighs its competition, proving that their innovation team knows how to keep up.


What to Buy


For most users, this purchase will come down to comfort and aesthetic.


Many Apple users continue to purchase Apple products because of the eye-pleasing layouts and displays, as well as the familiarity in each updated device. While Google is a trusted company among the tech space, it can be hard for some to make the leap from something they know and understand, even if it’s lacking in innovation, to something new and fresh, even if it’s faster and better.


Right now, Google is on track to sell three million Pixel devices by the end of the year.