Go Seamless with X-Cell


The touchscreen we all know, love, and cherish is not just a piece of glass protected by a layer of film or a case. No, touch technology, at least one version of it, is the LCD display we’re looking at, and on top of that is the digitizer that’s responding to zoom-ins, zoom-outs, swipes left and right, and taps.


The problem with this, in the ever-likely event of a drop-and-crack, is two components of the phone have to be repaired. X-Cell aims to fix that and offer kiosk operators something new to their customers.


So, How Does X-Cell Work?


X-Cell combines the LCD panel and the digitizer into a single piece. Ordinarily, the two pieces are fused together and connected with a digitizer flex cable. They are NOT OEM parts, NOR original refurbished parts.


What Are the Advantages of This?


Better Pricing Without Sacrificing Quality

First and foremost, X-Cell costs 40-50% of the price of a refurbished OEM (from the original manufacturer) screen. It’s a bargain that cannot be matched, without sacrificing quality when it comes to the display and response time.


Improved Touch Sensitivity

The response is immediate, since the touch is directly on the screen, without the separation of it from a digitizer. Mobile gamers will be able to reach higher scores in their games, and swiping through images is faster than before.


A Sharper Screen

The lack of separation also means the display is cleaner, brighter, and much more vibrant. Viewing pictures and watching movies and other videos will be much more enjoyable using X-Cell screens.


Less Problems

Customers are reporting that our X-Cell screens have a much lower defect rate, compared to aftermarket China copy competitors.

Aftermarket screens have more touch issues and slower response times. It’s frustrating to begrudgingly have to rapidly tap on a phone the same way some people slap the slide of a slow or frozen computer.


X-Cell screens have less barriers between your eyes and your content, compared to aftermarket LCDs, leading to increased visibility and more pleasant viewing.


We’re not discouraging you from buying an aftermarket screen. They are, after all, still a go-to solution, but we are encouraging you to keep your options open.




Why Choose X-Cell Over the Standard LCD Replacement?



X-Cell screens provide better resolution, compared to copy LCD screens.



X-Cell screens are less washed out because the image isn’t being filtered through multiple layers. It’s a pleasant surprise to not always need to squint, wear glasses, or zoom in just to use a phone.



However, if you must zoom in, take comfort in knowing that X-Cell screens put more control over your phone at your fingertips. Responses are carried out immediately and accurately.


Battery Saving

One issue that some of the copy LCD usually has is overheating then cost fast drop of battery. With X-Cell screen replacement, this issue appear significantly much less, and battery can usually last 20% longer under the same kind of usage circumstance.


Less Bugs

X-Cell screens have less issues than their LCD aftermarket counterparts, and less issues means less (if any) trips to a repair shop.


And Less Bulk

X-Cell reduces the thickness and size of the screen (again, without adding strain to the eyes) by cutting down on layers. This means closing the screen will be easier and smoother, creating less wear on the phone and preventing further damage.


 So, are you ready for the change? Let us know what your opinion is!